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A New Road For Photographers


The industry nowadays is reforming. How humans used to perceive information 20 years ago seems very far fetched. Imagine going through a pile of newspaper articles. Cramming through thousands of pages of course books. But over the past decade, the data industry has revolutionized many folds. and the new era is the era of digitization. We see updates in all sorts of industries but every update relates to uploading new content. We collected some statistics of our own by doing surveys in various markets and the results were shocking. 94% of marketers are using videos these days. But it is not limited to just the marketing industry only but also other parts of business organization. 29% of businesses use videos in their management operations. And human minds perceive and store a lot more information when it is in the form of videos and pictures. But how

does one get their hands on the equipment to make quality content?

Just acquiring skills cannot be enough in this world and we need to get our hands on the ever changing world`s newest and latest gadgets. Whether you are a beginner or a professional when it comes to video making, there are tons of equipment you will require. As a beginner at photography and videography, we would not recommend you spending thousands of dollars on equipment just to get started. This is where MPB comes in. It is an online platform where you can purchase photography and videography gear for less than half the price of the market. The platform unfolds multiple opportunities for the people who just go into the business of photography and videography. With products from renowned companies like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic and much more. You can find camera gear from used batteries to lenses. From tripods to go pros. How do they make it happen? Let`s find out together. 


The Market Gap 


Realizing that becoming part of the digitizing industry is expensive and hundreds of students and content creators give up on their passion of pursuing and flourishing in the industry because of the non availability of the resources. MPB looked into it and thought of reforming the industry while making resources available for people at half the price while maintaining the same quality of equipment being provided to the rest of the people around in the market.


What is MPB?


MPB has been around in the market for over a decade now. With a team of skilled and seasonal photographers and videographers in their company. They inspect and reinspect every product which is listed on the website. With the sole motto of making kits accessible for everyone. The founder believes that creativity should not be limited and it knows no bounds. Hence, in an effort to make it accessible for all those interested in photography, Matt Baker in 2011 thought of making an online platform where users of the gear can purchase and sell their items.


The company recirculates about 300000 of used kits every year while enhancing the life of the material used. The founder believes that acquiring a piece of pre used equipment or gear does not necessarily mean that its reliability has been compromised. And their team of trained specialists makes sure to inspect the product thoroughly before listing it on the platform for the eyes of consumers while ensuring a warranty of six months for the users on the used equipment available on the platform for the peace of mind of their customers.


What Can You Find on MPB?


MPB has enlisted Camera kits from world renowned camera making companies around the world. As you open the homepage on the top left you can find the cameras for all sorts of things. From filmmaking expensive gear to beginner level photography gear from more than 18+brands. But getting a kit is just not enough, therefore MPB also brings a wide range of used lenses and other filmmaking essentials which you will find in the normal market including, tripods, lenses, SD cards, flashguns, video cameras, action cameras, used outdoor gear, and other relevant photo and video accessories.


Chasing your dream and following your passion while empowering the world and telling your side of the story through the lens of the eye does not have to be expensive anymore. Obviously, you will not be able to find everything on the platform but you will save a hell of a lot, whether you are a beginner or amateur and still figuring out which side of the industry you would like to pursue.

Compromising on your passion is not the way to success. Embracing with all the odds is! 



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