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Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping your personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") accurate, private, and secure. Our privacy policy outlines how we will collect, use, and share personal data as part of this guarantee.

Please be aware that the information gathered is used to improve the user interface and streamline your searches to have a better experience with the service. By using the service, you agree to allow us to collect and use your information by the terms of service and privacy statement.


The following clauses define the meaning of any capitalized word. The definitions below serve the same purpose, whether written or shown in the singular or plural.


Any account created to use the platform or our services is called an account. The company " Couponsvolcano " is referred to in this policy as "The Company," "We," "Our," or "Us."

Cookies are small files that websites store on your computer, mobile device, or other device to save information about your browsing history on certain websites. A gadget is any device with access to the Service, such as a computer, a mobile phone, or an electronic tablet.

Individual or personal data refers to information about a famous or recognizable individual. A webpage reference is provided as a service.

A service provider is any regular or legitimate individual who processes information for the advantage of the Company. It refers to outside firms or individuals that the Company employs to work with the Service, provide Support for the benefit of the Company, carry out Service-related services, or aid the Company in understanding how the Service is used.

Utilization/Usage Data: information collected through the service or from the service's infrastructure (for example, the length of time spent on a page).

Site: refers to coupons volcano, which may be found at Couponsvolcano.com.

You: refers to the individual accessing or using the service and the business or other authorized entity for which the individual is accessing or using the service.


We may gather personal information about you when you use our website or interact with us in any other way. Personal information such as your name and email address may be collected. We may use your personal information to complete your requests for goods and services, contact you, personalize your visit to our website, and send you marketing materials and other messages that you may find interesting. We also utilize your personal information for internal purposes such as website development, user trends analysis, and research. We will not sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to other parties without your permission, except as necessary for the services you have requested or as required by law. Although we make reasonable attempts to protect your personal information's security and privacy, we cannot promise that it will always be secure. Using our website, you accept that we may collect and use your personal information as mentioned in this section and our Privacy Policy.


A cookie, a small data file, or a piece of information may be placed on your computer's hard disc when you visit our websites. We may use cookies to improve the performance of our website and, in some instances, to provide users with a more personalized online experience. Because cookies are frequently used automatically, most web browsers are configured initially to accept them. You can change the settings in your Internet browser to prevent your computer from receiving cookies or to notify you when one is delivered so you can decide whether or not to accept it. Please be advised that deactivating cookies may prevent you from fully utilizing our website.


We might use your information for the following purposes

  • Providing the services you requested.
  • Discussing your account or responding to your inquiries
  • We will tailor your online experience with us.
  • Sending you marketing materials and messages that may be of interest to you
  • We are conducting research and analysis to improve our online and offline offerings.
  • Enforcing our policies and guidelines
  • Following all laws and regulatory requirements
  • We may combine your data with other information we obtain about you, such as your browsing history or demographic data, to create a complete picture of you and provide a more personalized experience.
  • We may share the information we've acquired with our affiliates. However, the affiliates must follow this privacy policy before disclosing the report. In this regard, affiliates include our Associates, subsidiaries, and any entity we control.
  • The law may require us to release the information if a government agency, law enforcement, state police, or other federal agency demands it.


We only keep the necessary, obtained, and personal information. The data must be maintained for as long as required to meet the needs of the privacy policy, comply with legal requirements, settle disputes, and uphold contracts. The Company will also save your data for internal research and data-driven decision-making, which can be used to improve security and the user experience.


As previously stated, the Company will disclose your personal information in the event of a merger, dissolution, liquidation, or bankruptcy. If a court or law enforcement agency issues a subpoena, it may also provide the information to comply with legal proceedings.


The protection of your personal information is essential to the Company. It has implemented many safeguards to ensure that no data breach jeopardizes the security of the information obtained. In the event of a data breach, the information you post on the site could also be used against you; thus, please be aware that no electronic storage medium is entirely secure.


Please be advised that we are an affiliate company and that there may be links to third-party websites in our content, coupons, adverts, or blogs. Any page that contains links to third-party websites will be adequately disclosed.


We retain the right to amend our privacy policies anytime and for any reason. We will, however, notify you by amending this page on the website or sending you a copy through email. We will update the "last Updated" date on this page and recommend that you review the privacy policy if you have any questions regarding the privacy statement or problems deleting the information acquired.