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Terms and Conditions:

Welcome to www.coupnsvolcano.com. Please follow the terms and conditions before purchasing products from our website. The user of this site must agree to all the terms and conditions, which are as follows.

1. The offers by this site are not for commercial use. It offers discounts for personal use only, not for business purposes.

2. The website has full authority to change its agreement policies at any time.

3. We only accept payments online. All the payments should be made when you are confirming your order. Prices are quoted in dollars.

4. Payments may be made through debit and credit cards.

5. We may debit money from your account within 4-5 working days.

6. The order is said to be confirmed when all the payments are made.

7. We offer free shipping in the USA.

8. All the details provided by our customers are secured and kept confidential.

9. The products can be delivered within 3-4 working days.

10. All the coupons and discounts should be used before their validity date.

11. We have all the right to accept or reject your order. However, all the payments would be refunded after the rejection of your order.

12. The site may require your general personal information including your name, phone number, address, or email address.

13. You just need to get signup before purchasing any goods from our website. This is required and will help you in the future to get in touch with all the updates and deals.

14. We will not be liable for any loss of your product if the information and details provided by you are inaccurate or incomplete. So, make sure you provide us accurate and reliable information.

15. We are not responsible or take any guarantee if the product is defective.

16. We have all the right to take serious action if the user uses our service in an unlawful order.

17. The user must provide correct and accurate information while registering.

18. Users of the website are not allowed to copy our discount deals without providing prior notice. So, make sure you notify us before taking any step.

19. You must have to register to shop from our website.

20. Once your order is placed, we have all the right to charge money from your debit or credit card. You can redeem your voucher as you received a confirmation email from us.

21. The voucher will expire on the date specified on the voucher, and we are not responsible for it if you haven’t used it.

22. The voucher cannot be resold or reproduced.

23. The voucher has no cash value.

24. The voucher cannot be combined with other discount deals or coupons.

25. No cash will be refunded if you redeem your voucher partially.

26. We may have the right to terminate or change our agreement policies.

27. We may change any of the services provided by this site without providing you prior notice.

28. All the customers who want to enjoy our deals and promotions must agree on all of our terms and conditions.

29. We have all the right to suspend your voucher or take strict action if we notice any violation from you or if you disagree with any of our terms and conditions.

Hence, these are our terms and conditions that you are bound to follow. We are happy to see you here, and we hope that you will make this website your second home. We provide you with everything so you can avail anything on the go. We wish you comfortable and peaceful shopping.