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Why Emirates Is My Favorite Airline

As someone who has done his fair share of traveling in her life with tons of multiple airlines on several routes, my longest flight still was from the USA to Dubai, which took about 16 hours. While shortest being only less than an hour while doing intercity travel in states.

In all my years of air travel, there is one airline I keep finding myself going back to, and it`s none other than our favorite Emirates.

Although generally, you would find me writing, given the amount of time I travel locally and internationally, comparing airlines has been more of a rational choice than just favoritism. 

To some, it might be about food and drinks, but just like life, sometimes it`s the little things that matter. After years of being in constant contemplation of which airline is the best, I have passed a verdict, and For me, the clear winner is Emirates, and here are the reasons why it stands out among the fleet of airlines.

Reasons Why Emirates Is The Best Airline

A Dubai experience

Most of the not flights are long and tiring. You can always have a layover in Dubai and plan adventures ahead of your trip in the desert. The company lets you choose themed experiences and authentic tours of hundreds of activities. Blend your travels and trips with a bunch of activities, get to experience glamor like never before, and experience the royalty of the Arab Emirates.

Shower On Plane

We have heard of cabin crew, the necessary equipment, and entertainment essentials to be on a flight. But shower on a plane is something unheard of. Emirates gives you the opportunity to take a bath while you are on the plane! Sounds Exciting, right? But the service is only limited to players who are willing to pay a couple of thousands of dollars to get a first-class ticket. 

The superjumbo aircraft A380 is the only airbus with the feature. Unfortunately, most of the aircraft at Emirates is 777. 

But the good news is Emirates 100`s of A380 airbus, and you never know when you will be bumped up to first class to enjoy its never-ending bar and get to have one of a kind experience.

Only 3 Decades Old

Whether you believe it or don`t, Emirates started its operations not long ago. It has been in the industry since 1985 and has already revolutionized with its world-class. The airline made its first trip on October 25th, 1985, to Karachi. It was a major achievement since the Emirates operates in more than 140 cities and 80 countries with more than 3600 flights a week.

Dubai`s World`s Busiest Airport

Dubai was listed as the busiest airport last year, with 55.5 million traveling amidst the pandemic. The covid hit the flight industry real hard. Regardless of the pandemic, the Emirates flew over more than half of those passengers due to its great work and people-friendly covid policies. If there is one thing Emirates knows how to do is to provide great customer service.

Aviation Business Awards` Airline of the year

By providing an overall great experience to its customers, Emirates has managed to win the best airline award for the eighth consecutive time this year. With doubling down on its digital approach and making the experience user-friendly, unlike its competitors, the airline has also managed to bag the award last year.

The award itself speaks of innovation and constant persistence the company adheres to when it comes to ground crew and flight staff.


This might sound a bit awkward on the list, but most aircraft`s food trays are dirtier than your home toilet seats!. In a world full of grossness, Emirates toilets are of exemplary nature. I have traveled in airlines in whose toilets you would not even step in, let alone relieve yourself. I often had to uphold my wastage just because the toilets on several aircraft were so dirty to use.

But as far as the cleaning and hygiene part of the air travel is concerned, Emirates services have been top-notch, and not just when it comes to toilets. 

The food trays, aisles, and seats with mats to lay your head on to pillows and blankets you ask for. Everything is as clean as new.

Reward System

While traveling with emirates, you get a reward for every mile traveled. The policy is consistent regardless of the tenure of the flight. The app is available online for free, and while signing up, you get an additional 2500 miles for free.

As your points build-up, you get to use various premium services for free. Such as with consumers over 25000 points can have access to almost all the business class lounges, whereas customers with above 50000 points get to meet me at the Gold member level; just kidding you will not get to see me, but you will be granted access to almost all the Emirates Lounges.

Regardless of the facts mentioned above about Emirates, It`s always on-call support staff, thousands of entertainment options to browse from, availability of satellite network, and top-of-the-line cabin crew is some of the things that remain unmentioned. There are plenty of reasons why my review of Emirates is positive, and as I embark on booking another flight, you know where I will be heading.


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