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World Best Airlines 2022

Air travel has been inconvenient during the covid times; with rapid tests to be taken before departure and after arriving, you are supposed to stay in isolation before you step foot onto foreign soil.

The past year has been tough on the airline industry with a number of challenges. From empty aisles to travel restriction and loss in revenue, The industry has seen it all. But one thing that has not changed is that the "Emirates" still seems to be on top of everything.

Whether it be its world-class flight crew, outstanding in-flight services, Smooth and comfortable travel, food that makes you drool, and trustworthy operations.

Each year we conduct surveys in regards to their favorite airline in terms of quality and experience, and Emirates seems to be the clear winner here. By asking people to weigh in their opinion on various other airlines, this turned up and how the ranking goes for other traveling services.


Emirates performs great all around the world, but its services are truly remarkable when it comes to Asia, New Zealand, and areas of the United Arab Emirates. Emirates also has layovers for flights that are longer than 10, often for even shorter flights. Imagine sitting in a plane for 17 hours straight; that is a long sitting. It increases their cost but truly sets them apart from other airlines.

This leads us to the most useful feature of Emirates, their extraordinary customer service, unlike other airlines. They never refuse to serve food you liked twice if they have any left. Flight attendants are always there, ready to help your experience less tiring or more fun. I remember once we were traveling as a group, they even came out to photograph us and put it up on their site. Making the travel experience personal and memorable. No wonder it`s been 7 years, and I still find myself going to the Emirates every time I am looking to book tickets.

Another huge plus when it comes to emirates is their wide variety of entertainment options. You have thousands of videos and movies to choose from and almost have something to watch during the long hours.

Opposed to the contrary belief of air food being less tasty and blatant, Emirates sure seem to take the crown over here as well with their well-cooked tasty meals and one of the best ice creams I have ever had.



During its short tenure, Qatar has left a mark all over the travel industry with its top-notch services, impeccable design, and distinctive dish presentation. With high-quality cabins, The airline has managed to score the second one of the widely reported surveys conducted by travel leisure. Catering to over 140 destinations worldwide and providing stages of excellent services in award-winning categories. The Qatar airlines ranked number "1" in terms of best airlines seat and fell just behind emirates and Singapore airlines in terms of entertainment.

Singapore Airlines

Unlike its competitor, Singapore Airlines has a rather innovative approach when it comes to its customers. The flying giant continues to add the latest and inspiring planes to its squad of airplanes. Being the first airline to provide its consumers with the availability of satellite communication and on-demand channels. However, it lacks a bit when it comes to customer service compared to the industry`s top airlines. Nonetheless, the airline seems to be making its mark over the industry and giving tough times to the top existing competitor with sheer dedication and innovation in the industry.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is the first airline of Japan which was founded back in 1951. The airline now covers 430 airports around the world and 46 countries. The airline was awarded as the most punctual airline back in 2019. Popular for being the best economy class airline to travel into. Instead of the conventional 8-10 seats in one row, Japan air chooses to arrange its seating in rows of three-four-two due to its old school arrangement the aisles have more room to walk and leg space.

ANA All Nippon

Founded back in 1952, the ANA all Nippon has become the largest airline in Japan. Widely renowned for 3rd generation cabins and environmentally friendly practices. The airline uses sustainable aviation fuel and reduces the carbon footprint of air travel on the environment. Flying over 80 international routes and over hundreds of domestic routes. Be convinced to have a comfortable experience with its diverse members and one of the most amazing ground staff. The airline has ranked 2nd on Skytrax`s cabin crew ranking.


There are plenty of variables when it comes to opting for the airline for your travel. Having experienced various airlines, I always come down to Emirates. That is not just because of the cabin crew interaction that took place, but their outstanding commitment to making it a worthwhile experience full of food and amazing customer service.


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